How to Remove Shadows in Photoshop (Step by Step Guide)

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How to Remove Shadows in Photoshop (Step by Step Guide)

Shadows may be stunning additions to your photos. They add depth and curiosity. However they may also be distracting or too harsh. On this article, I’m going to indicate you the best way to take away shadows in Photoshop.

First, I’ll present you the best way to take away shadows in Photoshop utilizing the content-aware fill instruments. Then, I’ll present you the best way to cut back the harshness of shadows utilizing layers. Lastly, we’ll take away and cut back shadows on somebody’s face.

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Find out how to Take away Shadows with Content material-Conscious Fill

Photoshop has a variety of instruments out there that can assist you take away shadows. For eradicating easy shadows, I like to make use of content-aware fill instruments like Patch device. This methodology works greatest when the shadow you’re eradicating has clear strains and is being forged on a well-defined background.

I’m going to take away the additional shadows on this picture on the sides of the body. There’s an unpleasant darkish spot within the backside right-hand nook. There are additionally odd further shadows coming in from the best facet of the body.

Step 1: Open and Duplicate the Background

Open the photograph and right-click on the background layer. Choose Duplicate Layer... (Ctrl or ⌘J). This may mean you can edit your photographs with out destroying the unique picture.

Step 2: Choose the Patch Software

Choose the Patch device from the toolbar on the left.

Make sure that to pick ‘Content material-Conscious‘ within the Patch dropdown menu. By doing this, Photoshop will make it easier to by creating new pixels. This may make transitions as easy as doable.

Screenshot of Patch tool in Photoshop.
Screenshot of Photoshop workspace. Exhibits patch device and toolbar.

Step 3: Take away Shadows

Select of the shadow you need to take away. I’m going to begin by eradicating the odd-shaped shadow within the backside right-hand nook of the body.

Drag the choice to an space that appears related. In my case, I choose an space of pavement. Whereas dragging, you may see the chosen space change.

Let go whenever you’re happy with the world you’ve chosen, and Photoshop will smoothen it out.

If you happen to’re not getting the look you need, change the Construction and Colour choices within the Patch toolbar. With Construction, you outline how carefully Photoshop ought to match the shapes. With Colour, you outline how a lot color mixing you need.

You might want to scrub up the patch. Particularly search for repeating patterns. These will draw the attention and name consideration to your alternative. Use the Clone Stamp device or the Therapeutic Brush for detailed work.

Cut back Harsh Shadows utilizing Layers

Generally the shadows are high-quality, however they’re simply too harsh. A softer shadow could be extra pleasing.

I’m going to cut back the shadow on this picture of this man studying a newspaper on an Indian practice platform. The shadow is sensible within the picture, I simply need it to be much less noticeable. I’ve additionally eliminated just a little shadow within the foreground.

Step 1: Choose the Shadow

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Begin by deciding on the shadow. You are able to do this through the use of the Object Choice Software (keyboard shortcut W), the Lasso, or Fast Choice – whichever means that you can isolate the shadow greatest.

Step 2: Copy Shadow to New Layer

Copy the shadow to a brand new layer. To do that, go to Edit>Copy (Ctrl or ⌘C). Then, paste by deciding on Layer>New>Layer through Copy (Ctrl or ⌘J).

Screenshot of Photoshop. Shows shadow selected and copied onto a new layer
Screenshot of Photoshop. Exhibits shadow chosen and copied onto a brand new layer

Step 3: Modify Brightness and Temperature

The simplest approach to cut back harsh shadows is to lighten them. However shadows are cooler than the encircling mild, so that you’ll additionally must heat up the temperature to mix the shadow with the encircling space.

You are able to do change each settings in Photoshop utilizing the Brightness and Colour Stability changes. However the changes may be simpler in the event you use Adobe Digital camera Uncooked (ACR). Go to Filter>Digital camera Uncooked Filter (Shift + Ctrl or ⌘A). This may open a brand new workspace. You’ll have sliders just like Lightroom.

Enhance the shadow slider and heat up the temperature. Do that just a little bit at a time. Click on OK to verify the mix.

If the shadows are actually harsh, attempt lowering the Readability and Dehaze.

Eradicating Harsh Shadows from Faces to Enhance an Picture

In a studio, you may management the place the sunshine falls. However in road and journey images typically the sunshine falls awkwardly throughout somebody’s face or physique.

When eradicating or lowering shadows throughout a face, you’ll want an in depth device and numerous persistence.

The Clone Stamp device in Photoshop is ideal whenever you need extra management over what you do when eradicating shadows from photographs. If I’m wanting simply to cut back the shadow, I take advantage of the Dodge Software. I’ll present you each methods for eradicating harsh shadows from faces in Photoshop.

Take away Harsh Shadows with the Clone Software for Extra Management

With the Clone Stamp device, I’m going to take away shadows with an identical, however not shaded, part of the face. This picture is a bit tough as a result of the lady is sporting a Venetian masks with texture and element. I’m going to have to go looking the masks to search out particulars that match the shaded part. Most faces can be less complicated to clone.

Step 1: Open and Duplicate the Background

Open the photograph and right-click on the background layer. Choose Duplicate Layer... (Ctrl or ⌘J).

Step 2: Choose the Clone Stamp Software

Click on on the Clone Stamp within the toolbar on the left. It seems like a rubber stamp.

Choose a gentle medium-sized brush. A gentle brush will get you the very best end result due to the sleek edges. You’ll be able to simply change the comb measurement through the use of the bracket keys. “[” will decrease your brush size. “]” will improve your brush measurement.

If I’m solely attempting to cut back, moderately than take away shadows, I lower the Opacity of the Clone device to round 50%.

Step 3: Choose the Clone Supply

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Choose a non-shaded space of the face. Press the Alt or Possibility key and click on to substantiate the supply pixels. The cursor will become crosshairs.

The second you click on, the cursor will change and present the pixels you’ve chosen.

Step 4: Take away Shadows from the Photograph

Zoom in and begin portray over the shadow you need to take away. You will have to repeat Steps 3 and 4 repeatedly. Choose pixels which are closest in content material and color to these you might be changing. If you happen to don’t just like the end result, undo by going to Edit>Undo Clone Stamp (Ctrl or ⌘Z).

For the very best end result, use totally different clone sources to cowl the shadow. If it doesn’t look pure, return and take pixels from one other a part of the photograph and paint once more. I additionally use the Therapeutic brush after I can.

It’s essential to keep away from repeating patterns. These patterns are an indication of cloning and eradicating an object or shadow from a photograph.

I’m aiming for a pure look, so I typically don’t take away all shadows on the face. Take into consideration the place the sunshine could have naturally have fallen.

Decreasing Harsh Shadows on Faces Utilizing the Dodge Software

It may not be doable to take away a shadow on somebody’s face utterly, however you may cut back it utilizing the Dodge device.

Step 1: Open and Duplicate the Background

Open the photograph and right-click on the background layer. Choose ‘Duplicate Layer...’ (Ctrl or ⌘J).

Step 2: Choose the Dodge Software

Click on on the Dodge device within the toolbar on the left. It seems like a lollipop. Within the Dodge menu, choose Shadows below Vary and enter between 10 and 50%. I discover just a little goes a great distance. I can all the time construct up the dodge impact by going over the world once more.

Step 3: Paint over the Shadow

Zoom in and begin portray over the shadow you need to cut back. If you happen to don’t see numerous change, improve opacity or change the Vary to Midtones.

If you happen to make a mistake, go to Edit>Undo Dodge Software (Ctrl or ⌘Z). You can even change to the Burn device, which seems like a clenched hand and darken the world once more.


On this article, I confirmed you the best way to take away shadows in Photoshop. Photoshop has many instruments that can assist you change or cut back shadows in your photographs. You’ll be able to take away shadows from a background or throughout somebody’s face.

All the time check out totally different methods to search out out which one works greatest for you. Make sure that to keep away from patterns to get a pure end result.

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