Clipping path vs masking: Difference Between Clipping and Masking | Tradexcel Graphics

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Clipping path vs masking: Difference Between Clipping and Masking | Tradexcel Graphics

Take away background from picture has a few methods to do it in photoshop, the place clipping path and picture masking methods are two of them. Each of the strategies present the identical objective however in numerous methods.

The explanation for present these two picture enhancing methods are serving the identical however for various eventualities, which we are going to discuss at the moment. On this editorial, we are going to evaluate clipping path vs picture masking to grasp it higher.

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What Is Clipping Path?

The clipping path or deep etch method is a photoshop enhancing course of by which you’ll create a path across the edges of any object and isolate it from the picture.


Clipping path is probably the most skilled method of background removing due to the accuracy it could present. It helps to take away undesirable backgrounds from the picture and permits altering colours and creating shadows within the image. The clipping path method is finished by the photoshop pen software, and it requires experience to get a flawless outcome. It really works effectively with exhausting and sharp edges like bins, bottles, watches, ornaments, and so forth.

Although the deep etch method is a time-consuming picture enhancing course of, specialists use it professionally due to its accuracy.

The small secret of doing correct clipping path method is zooming the picture till you get a transparent view of the sides.

What Is Picture Masking?

It’s one other background eradicating method, often known as layer masking. Picture masking permits us to pick the blurry edges, unclear photos, furry edges of attire merchandise made with wool, fuzzy edges in pet photographs, and bushy edges in mannequin pictures.


These are unattainable to pick utilizing the Photoshop clipping path, so the one method of eradicating background or altering the backdrop from such photos is the photoshop clipping masks method. The picture masking method makes use of a photoshop background eraser software, magic eraser software, and colour separation methods to isolate the topic.

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Aside from the unclear edges, the picture masking service additionally eases the background eradicating course of for complicated photos the place you’re going to get a number of curves, turns, and complex smooth edges.

It received’t be straightforward to get all the main points of those sorts of photos with a clipping path, so picture masking performs the rescuer function right here.

What Does A Clipping Masks Do?

Clipping masks assist us to regulate the visibility of the completely different layers in photoshop. It’s a group of layers the place the underlying layer consists of actual contents, and its contents are seen on the layer above.

Though some portion of the layer on the bottom is clear, the identical space could be coated on the layer above. The clipping masks methodology can appear extra complicated than how a layer masks performs, however it is usually straightforward to make use of clipping masks. Using the clipping masks method, you’ll be able to work with complicated layers with ease.

Clipping masks use two layers, whereas the underside layer controls the visibility of the layer above it. A easy and higher instance of a photoshop clipping masks could be placing a photograph inside a photograph body.

Clipping Path vs. Picture Masking

As each the clipping path and the picture masking serve virtually the identical objective in picture enhancing companies, what’s the distinction?

From their definition and dealing methods, we are able to already perceive their most substantial areas, what they will obtain, and the place they lag. The strategy of eradicating background from photos is completely different for each the clipping path and picture masking method. Clipping path makes use of a pen software to create paths across the object that you just need to take away. Photoshop picture masking makes use of a background eraser software, a magic eraser software, and colour separation for background removing.

You may take away the background of any complicated photos with a number of curves and edges utilizing the clipping path in photoshop, however the outcome won’t be so correct and passable.

See the under picture the place we attempt to take away a picture’s background with unclear edges utilizing the clipping path method.

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You may see the sides are imperfect as a result of, with the clipping path, it’s unattainable to create paths round these edges.

Now see the identical picture under the place i take advantage of photoshop picture masking to take away the background. See the sides, and they’re comparatively extra exact than utilizing the clipping path method.

Layer Masks vs Clipping Masks

Layer masks present editors the complete management of the transparency of the layers. Layer masks assist cover the components of the picture that aren’t chosen and reveal the others chosen by making use of a coating on them.

The masks adjusts the readability and opacity of the sheet. The grey shades between white, black, and completely different grey colours could also be a single strong colour.

To do layer masks, simply the topic by any choice instruments in photoshop after which click on on the masks button, and the layer masks shall be created.

Image showing layer mask

As we already know, Clipping masks permit us to cover parts of photos however not just like the layer masks. As a result of in layer masks method, just one layer of masks is used, however in clipping masks, we are able to create a number of layers of masks.

A slicing masks is a type that hides different artistic endeavors and reveals simply what’s in type. It’s attainable to assemble slicing masks from shapes and on vector and textual content objects.

This masks works like layer masks however doesn’t have a desaturated colour vary. As an alternative, the layer under them is translucent.

Image showing clipping mask

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