Why Does My E-liquid Change Colour? Find out more | Vaped

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Why Does My E-liquid Change Colour? Find out more | Vaped

Your e-liquid is okay even after it has modified color.

  • by Rachel Davies

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Why does my eliquid change colour

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There are just a few causes that your e-liquid can change color; If it has been opened and uncovered to the air, the age of the e-liquid and what flavour the vape juice is.

Have you ever ever checked out your favorite bottle of e-liquid and requested your self why the liquid seems to have modified color since to procure it?

If the reply is sure you might also have questioned different issues about your e-liquid. For instance:

  • Is your e-liquid “thicker” when the color is extra darker and “waterier” when the e-liquid is evident?
  • Is the vape juice flavour affected by this color change?
  • Do you like the flavour when the e-liquid has been saved on my shelf at residence for just a few weeks? Or do you prefer it straight from the bottle when it was purchased?

By now we all know one of many large appeals of e-liquid is the non-public journey it permits vapers to undertake.

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Notion of style, color, and even e-juice thickness is a matter of non-public opinion. Nonetheless, we are able to use somewhat little bit of science to assist us perceive why your e-liquid adjustments color and what influence, if any, this has on the style of your vape juice. Let’s check out some Completely Depraved e-liquid and see what occurs to them over an prolonged storage interval.

E-liquid altering color

Allow us to use Purple Label Bubblegum 0.6% (6mg/ml) for instance. These are saved in our state-of-the-art laboratory, in a pattern library, at room temperature. They every have a date of manufacture (D.O.M), which exhibits us the age of the e-liquid. The bottles vary from freshly made that day, to being over 12 months previous.

The freshly made e-liquid will probably be clear, with a slight tinge of yellow. Because the e-liquid matures, the color will change from a tinge of yellow, gentle orange, and eventually darker orange. In case your nicotine energy is larger, the liquid will change into even darker over the identical time frame.

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What causes e-liquid to alter color?

The primary motive for the e-liquid color change is a course of attributable to oxidation; the acquire of oxygen by a substance. You will need to be aware the color change attributable to oxidation is predicted and accounted for within the product specification to which Completely Depraved manufacture all e-liquids.

Which substances are being oxidised? The primary is nicotine, albeit at a gradual fee. When nicotine containing e-liquid is saved at room temperature, the mix of sunshine and air will trigger the liquid to darken over a time frame. This darkening might be enhanced by the e-liquid energy. Which is kind of logical as larger nicotine focus within the bottle will end in a darker look.

Can my e-liquid go off?

No, don’t fear. Our laboratory stability exams have proven this nicotine oxidation course of to be gradual at room temperature, in a wide range of e-liquid flavours. The darker e-liquids are nonetheless the identical high quality because the newly produced, clear vape liquid.

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The precise flavour also can impact the darkening of the e-liquid. For instance, a custard flavour, like Diavlo “The Decide”, will darken extra considerably. Even at low nicotine energy, because of the presence of particular flavouring substances.

Does the e-liquid thickness keep the identical?

Sure. The thickness of the e-liquid is similar between the light-coloured and darker color e-liquid. No chemical processes are occurring when the e-liquid is saved to change the thickness.

Positive, the diluents within the e-liquid (Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerine) will decide up somewhat little bit of moisture from the air through the maturing course of. However to not the extent the place you’ll discover a distinction within the thickness of the e-liquid.

What is going to change is how we understand the e-liquid color. The e-liquid saved for over one 12 months merely appears thicker because of the darken color and the newly manufactured e-liquid appears thinner or “watery”, however it really isn’t.

Steeping e-liquid

Some vapers really choose an e-liquid that has matured, that’s darker in color. This course of within the vaping world I often known as steeping (though this isn’t technically an correct phrase for e-liquid).

Different vapers really understand no change in flavour from an e-liquid that’s Newley made, to at least one that’s ‘steeped’. really there’s debate as as to if steeping really does something in any respect. However some vapers completely swear by steeping an e-liquid for weeks earlier than vaping it, particularly when it’s a dessert flavour.

What we are able to say, is that even when your e-liquid is barely darker than you’re used to, there’s nothing incorrect with it. The style and nicotine hit ought to be the identical. So long as it’s lower than 24 months after its DOM.

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