Face swapping with The GIMP – Matt’s Ramblings | Photoshop Services

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Face swapping with The GIMP – Matt’s Ramblings | Photoshop Services
Face swap Header
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I’ve found a reasonably fast and simple approach to do face swaps such because the above utilizing The GIMP. Right here’s how:

1. Acquiring pictures

Acquire pictures of the themes whose faces you want to swap. For finest outcomes the faces ought to be trying in the identical route, and be of cheap decision:

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Picture credit score

Picture credit score

2. Aligning the pictures

Load each pictures into The GIMP after which resolve which face you’d prefer to swap onto which head. In my case I selected Ed’s face on Dave’s physique.

Use the Measure software (Shift-M) to measure the angle and distance between every picture’s left and proper eye, noting down as you go. You’ll additionally have to be aware of whether or not The GIMP is measuring the angle above the horizontal axis or under; report the angle as damaging for above the road and optimistic in any other case.

Eye measure
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Escape a calculator and divide the pinnacle picture’s eye distance by the face picture’s eye distance, and scale the face picture by this issue:

Scale image

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Now rotate the face picture by the distinction between the 2 eye-angles:

Rotate image
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Copy the end result, and paste it onto the pinnacle picture as a brand new layer. Halve the brand new layer’s opacity and line up the 2 faces utilizing the Transfer software (M):

Align image
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Return the highest layer’s opacity to 100%.

3. Alter the color stability of the face layer

Make a replica of each layers, with the face copy on high and the pinnacle copy just under:

Picture credit score

Now apply a gaussian blur to each. The blur quantity ought to be as excessive as you will get with out non-flesh tones from hair or background interfering with areas you need to switch to the pinnacle picture. About 2/3 of the pinnacle picture eye-distance has labored effectively for me:

Face blur
Picture credit score

Head blur
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Now set the blurred face layer to divide, and the blurred head layer to multiply. The face picture ought to now be shining by, however with the correct lighting and fleshtones across the facial space:

Colour adjusted face image
Picture credit score

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At this level choose Copy Seen from the Edit menu, and paste as a brand new photoshopservices.web the brand new layer to second from backside (proper above the underside head layer), and make all layers above it invisible.

4. Choose facial options with a Layer Masks

Add a layer masks to the newly pasted, colour-corrected face layer. Initialise it to black (absolutely clear). Now with the Brush software draw over the attention, nostril and mouth space in white (opaque):

Pre-blurred mask
Picture credit score

Apply a gaussian blur to the layer masks, et voila:

Picture credit score


By swapping layers and re-doing the Copy Seen layer from step 3 one can simply get the reverse picture:

Picture credit score


Authentic Ed Miliband picture by the Division of Vitality, licensed below the Open Authorities License v1.0.

Authentic David Cameron picture by Land of Hope and Glory, launched into the general public area.

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