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how to design 5kw solar system | Photoshop Services

Immediately we are going to introduce a design of 5kW off-grid photo voltaic photovoltaic energy system for small fish farmer together with the configuration and a few calculation strategies step-by-step.

There are some primary knowledge to be clarified for the preparation of solar energy system design.

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  • Initially, the person’s voltage & part must be recognized, both to be the single-phase AC 110V, 120V, 220V, 230V, or 240V or the three-phase AC 380V, 440V, 480V, and many others. It decides the output specification of the photo voltaic inverter.
  • Second, the load kind must be confirmed to be both inductive load or resistive load, as a result of the load kind can resolve the inverter’s on-load energy and output waveform.
  • Third, the full-load operation time, specifically common every day electrical energy consumption, must be decided. In case of the grid-connected photovoltaic energy technology station, there are not any energy-storage units, then solely an affordable energy of the photovoltaic module is required. In case of the off-grid photo voltaic photovoltaic energy system, the battery capability must be calculated, together with the system’s self-stored energy when there are not any photovoltaic energy technology situations throughout successive overcast and wet days.

Design of 5000W off-grid solar energy systemSolar power system for home

Now we take a design of off-grid solar energy system for a small-scale fish farmer close to a lake as case research. Attributable to long-distance energy grid development, not solely the price is excessive, but additionally the conductor energy loss and voltage loss are large. In the meantime, the steadiness of energy use can’t be ensured because of the typhoons, and the unintended energy failure occurs on a frequent foundation, which may have an effect on the facility use for manufacturing and life. Subsequently, the off-grid solar energy system is adopted. The daylight radiation depth within the daytime is excessive, and the facility generated by solar energy system is straight supplied to the photo voltaic inverter output to help the operation of electrical units. On the identical time, the batteries are charged, and gives the facility for the units by way of the inverter at night time.

1. Survey on electrical energy demand

Right here is a few primary knowledge to be identified earlier than. The voltage right here in every day life is AC 220V 50Hz, and the generally used home equipment or units primarily embody:

Ten units of fishpond pump oxygen-generating machines (300W)One set of Tv + Satellite tv for pc receiver (200W)One electrical cooker (750W)One induction cooker (2,000W)One small fridge (100W)Lighting (100W)

These units should not used concurrently. The pump oxygen-generating machine operates within the daytime when there’s solar radiation however rests at night time. The facility of different units is round 3000W, and their every day electrical energy consumption is round 10 kilowatts. For the reason that lake floor illumination is enough, the self-stored electrical energy on overcast and wet days will not be considered.

solar inverter with MPPT charge controller2. Photo voltaic inverter

In line with the info supplied by customers above, at this off grid photo voltaic PV system design, the all-in-one photo voltaic inverter with MPPT cost controller is adopted. This 5000W photo voltaic inverter with MPPT cost controller has 48V 7kV energy capability, energy issue ≥0.8 and conversion effectivity ≥85%. The precise on-load energy can attain 5000W, which may fulfill the necessities of person’s units output energy.

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3. Battery capability

This off-grid solar energy system adopts the commonly-used lead-acid battery because the power storage, which has a big capability and a excessive value efficiency ratio. The reserved electrical amount of the storage battery is 10KWh. For the reason that DC enter voltage of the photo voltaic inverter is 48V DC, the theoretical capability of the storage battery could be calculated as beneath:


In line with related technological requirements of the batteries, to set the battery discharge price to be 0.5C2 is comparatively economically dependable, which may make sure the battery’s circulated cost and discharge instances, and successfully prolong the battery’s service life. Because of the ample lighting on the lake, the photovoltaic straight adopts the inverter output within the daytime. Not by way of the repeated discharge procedures of the batteries, the electrical energy consumption of electrical units at night time is small, and the discharge length is brief. Subsequently, this design correctly will increase the battery discharge capability to 0.6C2. Then, the precise batteries’ capability could be given as beneath:

208Ah/0.6 = 347Ah.

Right here, the battery capability is ready to be 400Ah, then the whole capability is 48V 400Ah. The lead-acid batteries is 12V 200Ah per piece. 4 items are related in collection, whereas 4 related in parallel. So eight batteries are wanted in whole.

4. Energy of photo voltaic panel module

After the capability of the batteries is calculated, the facility of photo voltaic panel module is calculated. The lake is situated ready with a excessive photo voltaic radiation depth, and the efficient sunshine time is so long as 6 hours. The polycrystalline silicon photovoltaic modules are chosen, with the photoelectric conversion effectivity being as excessive as 16%.

The solar energy technology could be given by the next equation:

System energy technology = Energy of photo voltaic panel module × Sunshine length × Coefficient of colligation.

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The coefficient of colligation refers back to the loss coefficient attributable to the temperature modifications, line loss, and photo voltaic cost controller (or inverter) conversion effectivity. Its worth is mostly set to be 0.5 to 0.7, and on this case, the coefficient of colligation is ready to be 0.6. Subsequently, the photovoltaic module energy could be given as beneath:

48V × 400Ah/ (6h × 0.6) = 5333W

The specification of the PV panel module is ready to be 36V 275W, its dimensions to be 1900×980×45mm, and its space to be 2 sq. meters. Each two items (72V) are related in collection into one group. Then, there are ten teams related in parallel. In whole, 20 items of photo voltaic panel module are required, with the whole energy 72V 5500W. The photo voltaic array space of the photovoltaic panel module is 40 sq. meters.

Off grid solar power system5. Anti-thunder photovoltaic combiner field

The photovoltaic combiner field is used to scale back the ligature between the photovoltaic module array and the inverter. The person can join photovoltaic modules of sure amount and of the identical specs collectively to type the photovoltaic array. Then, join a number of photovoltaic modules in collection and join them in parallel within the photovoltaic combiner field. After confluence within the photovoltaic combiner field, it may be output to the inverter by way of the DC breaker.

The lake belongs to the realm with the frequent incidence of thunders. The remoted sheds and the encompassing forests are susceptible to lightning stroke. Subsequently, the photovoltaic energy station should take note of the lighting stroke of units. To introduce the DC high-voltage anti-thunder module can successfully defend the use security of the inverter, AC distribution cupboard and different units. On the identical time, the large-power anti-countercurrent diode inside the combiner field can successfully keep away from the again discharge of the batteries to the module and trigger the module’s burning when there isn’t any photovoltaic at night time.

6. Photovoltaic supporter and cable

The photo voltaic panel supporter is an indispensable accent to the photovoltaic energy system, which may repair the photovoltaic module. The person may arrange the supporter onsite to scale back the prices, fasten the module and resist in opposition to rustiness.

The cable is a wire which connects the module, inverter and the DC distribution cupboard. A part of the cable is used within the open air. Contemplating long-term publicity to the daylight and rain-wash, the cable, which is resistant in the direction of excessive temperature, oxidization and UV, could be chosen to ensure the system’s regular operation. The cable must be the tough copper core full line with a big cross part and a small resistance to scale back the voltage discount attributable to lengthy distance, which, if not prevented, may have an effect on the facility technology effectivity.

To sum up, the case research above gives a complete introduction of design of the off-grid photo voltaic photovoltaic energy system. It’s hoped that the above introduction could be useful to you.

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