how to edit image in xamarin forms | Photoshop Services

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how to edit image in xamarin forms | Photoshop Services

Getting Began with Xamarin Picture Editor (SfImageEditor)3 Sep 20219 minutes to learn

This part explains the steps required to load a picture to the picture editor management.

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To get begin shortly with Xamarin Picture Editor management, you’ll be able to verify on this video:

Meeting deployment

After putting in Important Studio for Xamarin, you could find all of the required assemblies within the set up folders, {Syncfusion Important Studio Put in location} Important Studio{Model #}Xamarinlib.

E.g.: C:Program Information (x86) SyncfusionEssential Studio19.1.0.54Xamarinlib

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Assemblies might be present in unzipped package deal location(Paperwork/Syncfusion/{Model #}/Xamarin/lib) in Mac.

Including SfImageEditor reference

You possibly can add SfImageEditor reference utilizing one of many following strategies:

Methodology 1: Including SfImageEditor reference from photoshopservices.internet

Syncfusion Xamarin elements can be found in photoshopservices.internet. So as to add SfImageEditor to your undertaking, open the NuGet package deal supervisor in Visible Studio, seek for photoshopservices.netageEditor, after which set up it.

Adding SfImageEditor reference from NuGet

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Set up the identical model of SfImageEditor NuGet in all of the initiatives.

Methodology 2: Including SfImageEditor reference from toolbox

Syncfusion additionally offers Xamarin Toolbox. Utilizing this toolbox, you’ll be able to drag the SfImageEditor management to the XAML web page. It’s going to mechanically set up the required NuGet packages and add the namespace to the web page. To put in Syncfusion Xamarin Toolbox, consult with Toolbox.

Methodology 3: Including SfImageEditor assemblies manually from the put in location

Should you favor to manually reference the assemblies as an alternative referencing from NuGet, add the next assemblies in respective initiatives.

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Location: {Put in location}/{model}/Xamarin/lib

PCL photoshopservices.internet Android photoshopservices.netageEditor.XFophotoshopservices.internet iOS photoshopservicephotoshopservices.internet UWP photoshopservices.internet.dllSyncfusion.SfImageEditorphotoshopservices.internet

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To know extra about acquiring our elements, refer to those hyperlinks for Mac and Home windows.


Beginning with v16.2.0.x, if you happen to reference Syncfusion assemblies from the trial setup or from the NuGet feed, you even have to incorporate a license key in your initiatives. Please consult with Syncfusion license key to learn about registering Syncfusion license key in your Xamarin software to make use of our elements.


If you’re including the references from toolbox, this step shouldn’t be wanted.

Launching the appliance in iOS

To launch the picture editor in iOS, name the photoshopservices.internet() technique within the FinishedLaunching overridden technique of the AppDelegate class after the photoshopservices.internet framework has been initialized and earlier than the LoadApplication technique known as as proven within the following code pattern.


Common Home windows Platform (UWP)

You should initialize the picture editor view assemblies in photoshopservices.internet in UWP undertaking as demonstrated within the following code samples. That is required to deploy the appliance with picture editor in Launch mode in UWP platform.



The Android platform doesn’t require any further configuration to render the picture editor.

Initializing picture editor

  1. Import SfImageEditor management namespace as xmlns:syncfusion=”clr-namespace:Syncfusion.SfImageEditor.XForms;meeting=Syncfusion.SfImageEditor.XForms in XAML web page.
  2. Set the SfImageEditor management as content material to the ContentPage.

  • If picture shouldn’t be set to the Supply property, the looks of the picture will probably be proven as white canvas. You possibly can carry out modifying motion utilizing built-in toolbar.

Loading a picture to picture editor

Check with the next steps so as to add a picture to the pcl undertaking:

  1. Proper-click your pcl undertaking.
  2. Choose Add Information submenu from Add menu, and a dialog field will seem.
  3. Select and import the specified picture to the pcl undertaking.
  4. After the picture has been imported, guarantee whether or not the picture Construct Motion has been set to EmbeddedResource.

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Picture codecs similar to JPEG and PNG might be loaded to the picture editor.

The next code exhibits including a picture to the picture editor management with the format as “JPEG” and title as “picture”.

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Check with this hyperlink to know extra about loading a picture to the picture editor supply property in numerous codecs.

  • The next screenshot depicts loading a picture to the picture editor. You possibly can edit the picture utilizing built-in toolbar.


You will discover the whole getting began pattern from this hyperlink.

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