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I was the woman that may take away her weave and get her hair relaxed on the identical day. I typically left the salon disenchanted as a result of my hair could be the identical size or in some instances shorter and thinner than after I put in the weave. I didn’t know what I used to be doing mistaken.

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A number of us calm down our hair however sadly a big proportion of us undergo hair loss on account of it. This weblog publish would be the first of a two half sequence about relaxers and the right way to stop hair loss on account of stress-free.

On this publish I’ll tackle the next

1) How do relaxers work (to provide readers a greater understanding of the dangers concerned)

2) Sorts of relaxers (to assist readers resolve which is greatest for his or her hair and scalp)

3) How typically ought to hair be relaxed

4) Getting ready hair for retouching and why that is an ESSENTIAL step for stopping breakage


Hair structure

Our hair has a number of varieties of protein hyperlinks/bonds in its construction. Relaxers work by opening the cuticle layer and penetrating the cortex of our hair. The relaxer breaks among the protein hyperlinks within the cortex our hair. The hair is then smoothed/pulled into its new straightened form.

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The unlucky reality is that relaxers work by weakening the construction of black hair. Please notice nonetheless that relaxed hair can nonetheless look wholesome and be sturdy if right steps are taken earlier than, throughout and after stress-free. If relaxers are abused or used too typically it can lead to injury to the scalp and trigger main hair loss. This threat is nicely publicised however sadly a number of of us ignore this recommendation as a result of the hair loss that happens is probably not fast. Relaxer abuse will lead to weakened hair that breaks regularly over weeks and months.




These are normally packaged in a jar or tub and are prepared to be used, i.e. there is no such thing as a want to combine them with activators. They’re typically referred to as No-Base Relaxers.

PROS Lye relaxers are mentioned to be higher for hair fibres as a result of the system doesn’t depart mineral deposits on the hair. Mineral deposits left on hair fibres can hinder its capability to soak up moisture. Additionally the degrees of protein breakage that happens with lye relaxers will permit the hair to retain extra of its pure power and elasticity than no-lye formulation.

CONS Lye relaxers may be fairly harsh on our scalp compared to no-lye relaxers. For that reason, lye relaxers is probably not appropriate for women with very delicate scalps or women that burn simply.



These normally are available in a field package that accommodates activators to be blended in to activate the system.

PRO No-lye relaxers are mentioned to be “simpler” on the scalp than lye relaxers. Because of this it isn’t as harsh on the scalp as lye formulation. So in case you have very delicate scalp which burns simply you might wish to think about using a no-lye relaxer. Please notice that each one chemical relaxers (lye or no-lye system) could cause extreme scalp burns and hair loss whether it is used incorrectly

CONS No-lye relaxers can depart our hair fairly dry. It is because no-lye formulation depart some mineral residues on our hair fibre which decreases its capability to soak up moisture. Keep in mind dry hair has the next threat of breaking. To beat this drawback a chelating shampoo needs to be used as soon as a month should you use a No-lye relaxer system. Chelating shampoos work beneath the floor of the hair fibres to take away cussed minerals from no-lye relaxers, chlorine in swimming swimming pools and onerous water residue.

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My hair 16 weeks after it was relaxed, on the Naturals in The Metropolis Occasion in Lagos New digicam! Please bear with me while I learn to alter the digicam mild settings.

When your hair has been relaxed, it’s best to wait at the least 8 weeks earlier than your subsequent relaxer. Relaxers are supposed to be utilized to new development and never on hair that’s already relaxed. The quantity of recent development we have now earlier than 8 weeks is normally lower than 1 inch lengthy. If relaxer is utilized to hair that has little or no new development, it’s going to are available in contact with beforehand relaxed hair thereby stress-free it twice and over processing it. Over processed hair could be very broken and it’ll break simply over the next weeks and months.

Stretching Past 8 Weeks The instructions on most chemical relaxers counsel that hair needs to be retouched each 8 weeks. Please notice nonetheless which you can lengthen the period of time between your relaxer contact ups for longer than 8 weeks. Extending the period of time between your relaxers for greater than 8 weeks is called stretching. For instance a number of women on wholesome hair journeys stretch their relaxer contact ups to each 10 to 12 weeks, I calm down my hair each 20 weeks. I’ll elaborate on stretching, its nice advantages and the right way to handle hair while stretching in a separate publish.


protein conditioners

Protein Conditioners

As famous above relaxers work by breaking down among the protein bonds in our hair. If hair that’s missing in protein is relaxed, you may start to think about how fragile will probably be after the relaxer course of. Hair this fragile and broken will be unable to face up to day by day put on and tear and though breakage is probably not fast, it’s nearly inevitable. It’s subsequently important to arrange for stress-free by making certain that your hair will not be missing in protein. Hair needs to be washed and deep conditioned with a protein conditioner per week earlier than it’s relaxed.

Hair that has simply been faraway from extensions is normally weak and in want of protein so to proceed to stress-free it the identical day is a recipe for catastrophe: in the end the breakage will happen. Hair that has been faraway from extensions needs to be completely detangled, washed and conditioned with a protein deep conditioner the week earlier than stress-free. The hair needs to be washed in sections or in single braids to stop matting and tangles. Permitting per week between removing of extensions and stress-free can even give your scalp an opportunity to recuperate.

As all the time, I hope the above information has helped someone on the market.

Please come again quickly for half two which is able to present a step-by-step information for the precise stress-free course of.

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