adobe photoshop – Smoothing edges from jagged to a beautiful curve – Graphic Design Stack Exchange

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adobe photoshop – Smoothing edges from jagged to a beautiful curve – Graphic Design Stack Exchange

No silver bullet accessible. No software program actually is aware of the unique, solely guess. However you may assist on the tough locations. At first make

  • a piece copy of your authentic as separate layer, by Magic Wand choose the black (tol=10, anti-alias=ON) and delete it.
  • a black reference layer to see the end result in opposition to it when wanted

enter image description here

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Then one character on the time do the cleansing. Let’s do the G. Choose the white. In excessive zoom you see the choice clearly:

enter image description here

Goto Choose > Refine Edge. Take no feathering, however excessive smoothing and distinction. On this screenshot these are midway, however you most likely need to flip them to the utmost. The worst locations want much more – repeat the refine.

enter image description here

The resulted choice:

Refer: A Designer’s Guide To Accessibility and 508 Compliance | Viget

enter image description here

It is clean, however sharp corners have to be fastened. Take the Polygonal Lasso, add (Maintain Shift) the lacking outer nook and Subtract (Maintain Ctrl) the exessive inside nook space.

enter image description here

Fill the choice with stable white by the paint bucket. Examine the end result in opposition to black. You need to paint by a stable white brush across the choice to fill doable small holes that the paintbucket left.

Copy the choice, paste it to a brand new layer and see the fastened G

enter image description here

The sting continues to be jagged due the low decision and no anti-alias. Repair it by deciding on the white once more with anti-alias on and pasting it to a brand new layer.

NOTE1: Repeating characters have to be cleaned solely as soon as EDIT: The primary La and the second La are remarkably totally different, however the cleaned characters may be stretched (Edit > Remodel > Distort).

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NOTE2: In Illustrator or equal the cleaned characters get traced reliably

ADDENDUM: Carried out a check hint in Inkscape (=freeware). The pink one is copied from Photoshop. The black one is the traced vector form. The pink coloration is chosen solely to have the ability to see the distinction when the shapes are piled on the similar place. No tuning was wanted in Inkscape. Solely chosen “output in 2 colours”

enter image description here

In concept you may hint the unique non-cleaned bitmap and repair the tracing end result. I attempted it. The work is feasible to do, but it surely’s ten occasions extra advanced than clear the shapes at first in Photoshop. Solely a grasp of Bezier curve enhancing can actually say “I’ll do it quicker within the vector area”. He would draw it.

The cleaned bitmap produces simply 90% much less path management nodes, when traced. It is not tough to edit them to get excellent curves. They have to be adjusted for mathing The primary L and a to their later cases that are remarkably totally different.

Lastly a quick composing in Inkscape to see, how all match:

enter image description here

A late addition: One 12 months and three months later a brand new reply confirmed a font that can be utilized to recreate this from scratch. It additionally proves that among the fastened glitches are literally designed particulars of the font.

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